The Streaman Championship.

The Streaman Championship is a custom title created by SCXCR in WWE '13.  While it isn't officially part of Wrestle City Gamers, it is fought for and defended by members of the WCG roster, as well as other miscellaneous characters.

Cooking Mama Punk holds the record for the longest title reign with 3.0 streams, while Foffy holds the record for most title reigns with 7.


  1. The Streaman Championship can only be contested while SCXCR is streaming WWE '13, usually over
  2. The method of determining who challenges for the belt is decided on a whim by SCXCR, as is the number of people involved in the title match.
  3. When there is no logical means to determine who fills any open slots in a match, a random number generator will be used to pick participants.
  4. If a person wins the Streaman Championship and wasn't defending it, they must immediately defend it in a 20-minute championship scramble with four other people.  Conversely, anyone who wins the Streaman Championship via a championship scramble does not have to do this.
  5. In determining lengths of title reigns, each match is the equivalent of half a stream, and two matches one full stream.
  6. Any glitches that happen during a match are allowed.  These include two wrestlers freezing during a match, doing nothing but staring at each other, etc.  The only exception is if this prevents or otherwise directly affects anyone's ability to win.
  7. No "victory by default" in the championship scramble!  If no pinfalls or submissions occur in the scramble, the title will be vacated.
  8. In the event a champion should hold the title for 3.0 streams or longer, every championship match after that will become a triple threat championship match until the title changes hands.


Season 1Edit

The Streaman Championship was created on December 6th, 2012 and the first champion was decided via a 16-man King of the Ring Hell in a Cell tournament.  Duke Lovem, a mash-up of Duke Nukem and Dude Love, defeated Onirokaku in the finals to become the first-ever champion.  However, he would lose the belt to Oni in the championship scramble immediately afterward.

Oni would successfully defend the belt against Zeromaster in an inferno match and SCXCR in a last man standing match before losing it to Blondeguygamer in a falls count anywhere match.  Blondeguygamer would then retain the title in the championship scramble, becoming the first champion to do so.

Big Al would go on to challenge Blondy in a 20-minute iron man match and, despite being down 5 points to 2 with 7 minutes to go, Blondeguygamer would mount a stunning comeback and win 7-6, despite injuring himself on a set of stairs.  However, Blondy would lose the title in a 17-minute tables match to Zeromaster.  Despite Zero winning the following championship scramble, fans were angered by his spending half the match outside the ring and otherwise not doing anything, even when he briefly lost the championship.  Therefore, Zero would enter a 1-on-3 handicap match against SCXCR, WellUnreal007, and Foffy where if he lost, he'd be forced to vacate the title.  Zeromaster would lose the match, creating a three-man steel cage between the victors to determine a new Streaman Champion.

The steel cage match lasted all of one minute, as Foffy almost immediately climbed out of the cage.  Instead of a championship scramble, given the circumstances, a new challenger was determined: wizwar100.  He would win in an "I Quit" match with Foffy, but would have the belt given back to Foffy due to a No Fun clause written into Foffy's contract where, if he wins any championship, he automatically holds the belt for at least one title defense.  His next challenger, Isnane, would appear to have Foffy beaten in a Hell in a Cell match, but the stream abruptly ended as Foffy was getting pinned.

In the following stream Duke Lovem would win an elimination chamber match despite being one of the first entrants, then defeat Foffy in a ladder match where Foffy seemed to give up and let Duke win.  Duke would win the championship scramble, then defend successfully against wizwar100 in an extreme rules match.  He'd be forced to defend the title in a 3-way cage match against Onirokaku and Ninjaraptor6 and, in what may have been a coordinated move, Oni and Raptor tried to escape the cage at the same time.  With Duke only able to stop one of them, Oni would become Streaman Champion again.  In the championship scramble afterward, it would appear that some bitch would win the belt, only for time to invert upon itself and restart the match.  In the end, undead WWE legend Booker T-Virus would claim his first Streaman Championship.

Blondeguygamer would challenge Booker T-Virus in an extreme rules match and come away victorious, then in the championship scramble get the last pinfall with eleven seconds left.  Jasuchin would challenge Blondy unsuccessfully before AngelHalo would knock off Blondy in a falls count anywhere match, then win the championship scramble.  He would then defeat Ninjaraptor6 in a 20-minute iron man match by a 6-4 margin.  A tornado tag match in the elimination chamber would lead to Angel defending the belt against three other people in an extreme rules fatal 4-way: ShadowSnake123, Zeromaster, and some bitch.  Angel would pin some bitch to retain the title and become the longest-reigning Streaman Champion, having held it for two whole streams.

Unfortunately, Blondeguygamer would face him in an I Quit match and win, securing yet another championship only to lose it in the scramble to Booker T-Virus.  Jasuchin would shock everyone by challenging Booker T-Virus to an inferno match and winning his first ever title, only to lose it in the following scramble to Big Al, another first-time winner.

Big al would defend the title successfully against Zeromaster in a last man standing match, as well as against SCXCR in a hell in a cell match.  Foffy, after beating the shit out of Duke Lovem somehow, would challenge Big Al to a tables match.  In an amazing series of reversals, Foffy would put Big Al through the announce table to win.  He'd go on to lose the belt in the championship scramble to Isnane.

Isnane's reign would last only half a stream, as wizwar100 would win an elimination chamber match, then make Isnane tap out in a submission match to win the title.  In the ensuing scramble, Isnane and Nightman39 would freeze/protest the match with 7 minutes left, allowing Foffy to steal a pin and the championship.  In a hell in a cell match to determine a challenger, many were surprised when Beat from Jet Set Radio Future came out on top, and even more surprised when he beat Foffy in an extreme rules match.  However, Beat would lose the title immediately after to Jasuchin in the championship scramble.

With some doubting Jasuchin's capability as a champion, a ladder match was set to determine a new challenger.  In his very first match, Earnest Evans would win a title shot.  In a hard-fought hell in a cell match with Foffy as the guest referee, Jasuchin would pin Earnest Evans after throwing him head-first into multiple chair shots.  A battle royale determined his next challenger, who turned out to be Tiger Uchimaru, making her the first woman to wrestle in a Streaman Championship match.  In the extreme rules title match, Jasuchin would eventually win thanks to a moonsault through the announce table.

Jasuchin would go on to defeat Hero Swe in a last man standing match to tie the record for the longest title reign, then break it by defeating Danni in an inferno match.  However, Amayirot Akago would challenge him for the title in an extreme rules match, eventually emerging victorious and becoming the first European to ever hold the Streaman Championship.  History would me made again in the championship scramble immediately after, as Danni would get the final pinfall with 48 seconds left and become the first woman to ever hold the Streaman Championship.

Season 2Edit

The second season would start with a 20-person royal rumble to decide who would face Danni.  It appeared that Duke Lovem would try to become champion again, but SCXCR would surprise everyone by eliminating Duke and going on to face Danni in a cage match.  The match would be a disappointment however, as SCXCR apparently didn't know it was a cage match and instead hit finisher after finisher until the match was aborted.  The title match was changed to a hell in a cell match, but by then SCXCR was so tired he could barely get any offense in and Danni won fairly easily.  In determining a new challenger in a 6-man hell in a cell match, Hero Swe would get frozen in a submission hold and eventually the entire game would pseudo-freeze and become unwinnable as Amayirot Akago was pinning Big Al.  SCXCR would be thrown into an extreme rules match against Danni, only to have Danni win again.  In an elimination chamber match, Tiger Uchimaru would win to set up the first woman vs. woman match for the Streaman Championship, then go on to beat Danni in a ladder match.  However, the championship scramble afterward would see Nightman39 get the last pinfall with 15 seconds remaining.  SCXCR would challenge Ngithman after winning a 30-person royal rumble by eliminating Duke Lovem last.  Again.

Nightman would face SCXCR in a submission match, with SCXCR making Nightman tap in the anaconda vise to earn his first Streaman title.  He would then lose the belt in the championship scramble to Foffy.  However, SCXCR would win another 30-man royal rumble to face Foffy in a match of his choosing; a 60-minute, falls count anywhere hell in a cell match.  SCXCR would end up winning the match 24-21, despite getting super kicked off the top of the cage.  In the championship scramble however, Hero Swe would end up with the final pin, becoming the first Swedish Streaman Champion.

Beat would then challenge Hero in a submission match unsuccessfully, being forced to tap after blatantly missing a cross body.  Shadowsnake123 would win a battle royale to face Hero Swe in what would end up being the bloodiest match in Streaman Championship history, as well as the match in which most of the camera crew got fired.  Onirokaku would win an elimination chamber match to face Hero in an I quit match, but Oni would eventually lose.  In a ladder match to determine a new challenger, Foffy would appear to have the match won after hitting Shadow with an ace crusher off the ladder, but Foffy would land on a ladder and Shadow would no-sell the move so he could grab the briefcase and win.  Foffy's lawyer would lobby for a title shot, making the championship match a steel cage match between Hero, Shadow, and Foffy.  Shadow and Foffy would try to escape the cage at the same time, leaving Hero only able to stop Foffy and giving Shadow his first ever Streaman Championship.  In the scramble that followed, Foffy would get his revenge by winning the championship scramble and claiming his sixth championship.

After a 6-man ladder match, WellUnreal007 would face Foffy in the champion's preferred match, a cage match.  However, Unreal would climb out first to claim his first title.  In the championship scramble afterward, Unreal and NinjaRaptor would protest the match and allow Nightman to claim another championship.  AngelHalo would then win a 10-man royal rumble and defeat Nightman in an iron man match 2-1 for the title, only to lose it to Amayirot Akago in the scramble which saw ShadowSnake and Nightman protest the match.

In a hell in a cell match, Duke Lovem would return to prominence by pinning Earnest Evans, then defeating Akago one-on-one to regain the title on top of defending it successfully in the championship scramble.  In a 3-man TLC match with Akago and AngelHalo, Angel would pull down the belt (and then drop it) to become champion again.  The scramble afterward went mroe than 18 minutes before someone got a pin, and would end with NinjaRaptor6 winning his first Streaman Championship.

NinjaRaptor would successfully defend the title against Unreal in an extreme rules match before eventually losing it to Duke Lovem 2-1 in a 2/3 falls hell in a cell match.  However, precedent was set as Duke's championship scramble would end with no one getting a pinfall.  It was here that the "no victory by default" rule was established which forced Duke Lovem to vacate the title.  An elimination chamber match was held to determine a new champion, from which Earnest Evans emerged victorious despite starting first.

Wizwar would then take the championship from Earnest in a last man standing match.  In the following scramble, AngelHalo would appear to have the decisive pin with 4 seconds left and it sounded as though the referee counted to three for his pinfall, but the ref would say Unreal broke up the pin in spite of this.  It was decided the ref would be fired and the title stripped and given to the winner of a royal rumble, which would turn out to be Nightman.

This would set up the Battle for Connecticut as Unreal would win a chance to face Nightman in a submission match which, for some reason, took place in an inferno match-style ring.  Unreal would win the match to claim his second championship, but lose the belt to Blondeguygamer in the scramble.  He would then lose a tlc match to Earnest Evans, only for Blondy to win the title back in the scramble later that stream.

Amayirot Akago would challenge Blondeguygamer for the belt unsuccessfully in a cage match, but Unreal would win a flaming tables match to reclaim the title.  The scramble afterward saw Blondy and Unreal protest the match as Earnest Evans won the title again.  Booker T-Virus would win the chance to challenge Earnest for the title, but get retconned by Isnane so he would face Earnest in a ladder match instead.  And lose.  Booker T-Virus would then win  in an infinite finisher inferno match, which would turn out to be the worst and longest match in Streaman Championship history, ending in a 3-hour draw.  The title was vacated and given to the winner of a 30-man royal rumble, who turned out to be Zeromaster.

Zero would defend the title in 19 seconds in a finisher match against Earnest Evans before doing so again against Isnane in an extreme rules match.  He would then get utterly destroyed by WellUnreal007 in a 20-minute hell in a cell iron match match, losing 8-3 and not scoring a single point until there were under 6 minutes left.  Big Al would get the final pin in the scramble, however, with 16 seconds left to become champion again.

It was here that the stage would be set for Harry "Loadsamoney" Enfield to face Big Al 1-on-1 and defeat him, claiming his first Streaman Championship.  However, Cooking Mama Punk, aka CM Punk, who just debuted earlier that stream, would earn her first title in the ensuing championship scramble.  Too much fun was had in the process and Foffy would take back the title by blinding CM Punk in a ladder match.  No really, he did a dozen eye rakes and on the last one CM Punk started bleeding.  Shadowsnake123 would win back the title in the scramble that followed.

In a submission match, Shadow would lose the belt to now-two-time champion CM Punk.  CM Punk would then go on to retain the title in the championship scramble, as well as defend it successfully against Foffy in a tables match, though the first time the match was held it was a flaming tables match and Foffy went through a regular table, then floated above the ring and couldn't get down, forcing the match to be restarted.

Loadsamoney would challenge CM Punk to an inferno match (unsuccessfully) before Big Al would have an incredibly controversial last man standing match with her.  CM Punk would do a moonsault on Big Al through the announce table, only for Big Al and the announce table to no-sell her attack as he ran back into the ring.  Shenanigans were called and the match was restarted, which CM Punk would eventually win to tie Jasuchin's record for the longest title reign.  Later that episode she would face Bill Cosby in a 20-minute iron man match, which she would win to makie Cooking Mama Punk the new record-holder for longest title reign.

Due to CM Punk's reign, a rule would be put in place where after holding the title for 3.0 streams, the title would then be defended in a triple threat match every time thereafter until the reign ends.  Punk would end up losing the title to Blondeguygamer, but in the championship scramble Punk would win the title back.  She would lose it again, however, to her presumed rival Big Al.  In the championship scramble, Jasuchin would end up walking away with the belt, on his birthday no less.

Season 3Edit

Jasuchin would begin his reign in style, successfully defending the title against Tiger Uchimaru in a last man standing match, then against Blondeguygamer in a tables match.

List of Streaman ChampionsEdit

# Name Reign Streams Held Notes
1 Duke Lovem 1 0.5

Defeated Onirokaku in tournament finals.

2 Onirokaku 1 1.5 -
3 Blondeguygamer 1 1.5 -
4 Zeromaster 1 1 Vacated after losing 3-on-1 handicap match.
5 Foffy 1 0.5 -
6 wizwar100 1 0 Forced to vacate title upon winning.
7 Foffy 2 0.5 Won via contract loophole.
8 Duke Lovem 2 1.5 -
9 Onirokaku 2 0.5 -
10 Booker T-Virus 1 0.5 -
11 Blondeguygamer 2 1.5 -
12 Angelhalo 1 2.0 -
13 Blondeguygamer 3 0.5 -
14 Booker T-Virus 2 0.5 -
15 Jasuchin 1 0.5 -


Big Al



17 Foffy 3 0.5 -





First official title win.

19 wizwar100 2 0.5


20 Foffy 4 0.5


21 Beat 1 0.5 (from Jet Set Radio Future)
22 Jasuchin 2 2.5 -
23 Amayirot Akago 1 0.5

First European title holder.

24 Danni 1 1.5 First female title holder.
25 Tiger Uchimaru 1 0.5 -
26 Nightman39 1 0.5 -
27 SCXCR 1 0.5


28 Foffy 5 0.5 -
29 SCXCR 2 0.5 -
30 Hero Swe 1 2.0 First Swedish title holder.
31 Shadowsnake123 1 0.5 -
32 Foffy 6 0.5 -
33 WellUnreal007 1 0.5 -
34 Nightman39 2 0.5 -
35 AngelHalo 2 0.5 -
36 Amayirot Akago 2 0.5 -
37 Duke Lovem 3 1.0 -
38 AngelHalo 3 0.5 -
39 NinjaRaptor6 1 1.0 -
40 Duke Lovem 3 1.0 Vacated due to "victory by default" rule.
41 Earnest Evans 1 0.5 Won in Elimination Chamber match.
42 wizwar100 3 1.0 Vacated due to referee botch.
43 Nightman39 3 0.5 Won via royal rumble.
44 WellUnreal007 2 0.5 -
45 Blondeguygamer 4 0.5 -
46 Earnest Evans 2 0.5 -
47 Blondeguygamer 5 1.0 -
48 WellUnreal007 3 0.5 -
49 Earnest Evans 3 1.0 Vacated after 3-hour draw in an infinite finisher inferno match.
50 Zeromaster 2 1.5 Won via 30-man royal rumble.
51 WellUnreal007 4 0.5 -
52 Big Al 2 0.5 -
53 Harry "Loadsamoney" Enfield 1 0.5 -
54 Cooking Mama Punk 1 0.5 Won in debut stream
55 Foffy 7 0.5 -
56 Shadowsnake123 2 0.5 -
57 Cooking Mama Punk 2 3.0 -
58 Blondeguygamer 5 0.5 -
59 Cooking Mama Punk 3 0.5 -
60 Big Al 3 0.5 -
61 Jasuchin 3 0.5 -